Proud “Wife” of the Dairy Industry

And before we start jumping to conclusions, I am NOT married. Like not even close, not even a little. Because if I was, this would be me… d24ad97354782606ed25b6fce57ca800 But after my LSC 432, Social Media Marketing class at UW-Madison I realized the best advocators act like a stereotypical wife or mother. Demanding, goal seeking, resilient, overwhelming, and usually successful in getting what they want.

So, like I said I started taking a class on social media and apart of my grade (if you all share this I’ll get an A, except you mom, that’s embarrassing) is making a blog. So here it is, crown and cows! Can you guess why I named it so?! Well come to the barn on a Friday night and you would know. Anyways, as most of us proud Ag kids know, our industry gets a lot of bashing and I for one am sick of it. To help the movement I am going to be blogging, truthful, to the point blogs about my own personal experience within the dairy industry. I myself, don’t have my own dairy farm, so why in the hell am I so passionate about it? Well, it’s a long story, but long story short, it runs in my blood.

I’ve been in the barn, show ring or at a sale since I was born. My grandfather made sure I had a small herd of high type registered Holsteins by the time I was old enough to show in little briches at our County Fair. I remember every morning after swimming lessons he would pick me up and we would go to the farm and I would walk my calf up and down the barn alley until he was satisfied with my showmanship skills, which usually took at least an hour. As a kid it seemed silly, I mean all I needed to do was put on my red cowboy boots, my white pants and prance my calf (Princess was her name) around the show ring, get my rope halter and $2 bill and hit the fairway for a corn dog and a ride or two.

photo I don’t know if I’m upset because of the criticism I’m sure Al is giving me back there or because of the awesome outfit my mom made me wear. But it got better with time…

photoSo much happier!

However, now I am so unbelievably thankful for this constant routine. It taught me hard work, patience and made me fall in love with the Holstein cow. So now, 19 years later I still walk my heifers for at least an hour a day (weather permitting), make sure they are clean and comfortable with enough water and hay to satisfy their tummies. With that information hopefully you can get a glimpse of why us Ag kids get a bit defensive when the industry we love gets a attacked by false ideas.

IMG_3574I mean, doesn’t Bubbles look happy here?!

So to get back to my wife/mother situation. How many times a day does your wife or mother remind you to do something; clean your room, pay the bills, pick up groceries, do your homework, etc. And if you don’t do it, she reminds you again, correct? Do you think those tasks get done the second time? My guess is yes, and if not we all know she will tell you again, and probably with more of a dangerous glare in her eye. Now how does this relate to my blog and my cause? Well I think if I advocate for the dairy industry and resiliently support what I believe in I can help change the attitude of those who don’t believe in agricultural practices. Taking on the stereotypical mother/wife persona by reminding you of what is true and what actually happens on a dairy farm, reminding you of the character it builds, reminding you of the opportunities it opens and reminding you to join the AGvocate movement (warning: some blogs may be a bit more sassy than others, I’ve been told I’m quite opinionated).

Hope you enjoy and share your thoughts as well!


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