You are no Bae, no Bae at all

Are you a bae? A “before anything else”? How cute.

To be honest I think bae is the sound a sheep makes, but that’s just my opinion!

But are you dating a farmer, dairy farmer to exact? If so, you are no bae, you are no bae at all.

Does this hurt your feelings? Get over it. It’s never changing. Because they have a different bae in their life. Yes that’s right, a different bae, probably a bit more important bae. Why? Well she needs them all day, everyday. And she relies on them on all aspects of her life. What a needy bish huh?!

I get why though. They don’t have to wait for her to call. She is always patiently waiting on them. They know exactly what she needs in her life. She’s got no silly drama. She is pretty much the perfect girl! Do you hate her already? Don’t worry, you’ll learn to love her (promise)!


Really though…isn’t she cute?!

Was that a real surprise though? Probably not. Anyone who has ever dated a farmer knows that the girls in the barn come first and you come second, yes, even on Valentines Day. Do you blame them though?? I mean,the ladies in the barn were their first love.

But how do you know they love them?! (Insert world famous eye roll here) Well probably because it’s -30 out and they are out there with them instead of cuddling (puke) in bed with you. Or because you are on your way to a wedding but you have to stop at the barn to check on them, causing you to be late. Or because you won’t be able to go out to dinner before 7:30 pm because they have to finish taking care of their girls. Or simply because she will always come before you (unless you’re going into labor or something adult like that; and even then it’s questionable).

Now the question is, how do you overcome “the other woman” then? To make it simple, get with the program. You have to start loving her as well. So here’s a few tips on how to spend your V-Day if you can’t go out for a night on the town due to the other bae.

  1. Help with chores so you can get done earlier and you can spend the rest of your evening smooshing each other, genius, I know.
  2. Make up a pitcher of their favorite cocktail (margarita, martini, crown and coke, etc, etc.) and take it to them in the barn to start the night off with a bit of a wiggly walk.
  3. Make dinner. You can either wait for them to be done or you could do the farming version of breakfast in bed, what I like to call, food in a cooler.
  4. Don’t waste your money on flowers, chocolates, cards, etc. instead get them something he/she (farmers are men and women people) and his/her bae (cow) both could benefit from…like good grass hay, or new boots, or new bibs, or new gloves, or wash supplies, or a new set of blades…really anything you could buy at Fleet Farm or Nasco would do the trick!

Anyways, I hope you all are fortunate enough to have found a significant other that shares the same passion as you do and if not well…I hope you enjoy your Valentines Day with your farmer and all their bae’s!


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