Bio: Welcome to crown & cows - my personal thoughts and experiences within the dairy industry. My name is Laura Finley and I'm a senior at UW-Madison majoring in Life Sciences Communication. I have a different point of view on the family farm dynamics, I myself don't have my own farm! My biggest loves in life are cows (shocking!), cheese (again, who could have guessed), whole in the wall restaurants, intriguing conversations and a good dance partner. Facts About Me: 1. My passion for the dairy industry started when I fell in love with a calf named Bandana at age three 2. I don't live on my own dairy farm, instead had the opportunity to grow up on many others in my area 3. After graduation I will become a sales rep for Dow AgroSciences selling BMR corn seed - keeping cows happy and healthy! 4. Most days you will see me stomping around in a pair of fabulous cowboy boots 5. I have been told I like to talk, am opinionated, a bit sassy and "like to have too much fun" (no such thing) which fits well, considering my hair color 6. As for what I do in my spare time, it is mostly spent with my show heifers and cows or enjoying a glass of quality Canadian whiskey

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